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Posted by admin On Jul - 10 - 2013

You don’t have to make drastic changes like forgoing air conditioning or skipping showers to conserve energy. There are plenty of easy, small changes that you can make as well.

Maintaining your home’s comfortable temperature can be quite costly. Take advantage of your thermostat’s programming feature to keep your home warmer or cooler when you are away. Also consider adjusting your temperature up or down a few degrees. If you have a ceiling fan, reverse the fan’s rotation in the winter months to help circulate (more…)

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Posted by admin On May - 19 - 2013

Many home owners are guilty of wasting energy without even realizing it. This leads to an unfortunate surprise when they glance at their electricity bill. Here are some common items that drain energy around the house.

Desktop Computer
Many people hardly ever unplug their desktop computer. The fact is that your desktop computer uses electricity whenever it is plugged into the electrical outlet. Even when you turn it off, the computer will still drain energy. Any appliance that uses (more…)

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Posted by admin On Mar - 29 - 2013

Every home has a number of energy wasting characteristics.Many of them can be easily corrected. Air loss through windows and exterior doors are responsible for a significant portion of our energy losses. Windows that are not properly insulated and thresholds that are not installed properly allow cold air to enter during the winter and cool air to escape during the summer heat. A lack of proper insulation in attics is another area where we lose energy as heat escapes through the attics of our homes.

Inefficient furnaces and dirty furnace filters are (more…)

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Posted by admin On Jan - 3 - 2013

No one wants to be thought of as a sloven, but without stopping to think about your consumption habits, you might be doing yourself a disservice. When’s the last time you’ve checked out the breakdown on your energy bill? Some of the charges you’re incurring each month could also be representative of some of the easiest ways to cut back on your consumption. Here are the top three easiest ways to scale back your energy usage and improve your Eco-friendliness:

1. Turn off the lights! With all the amenities we have in the 21st century, it’s easy to indulge without thinking of the little things. If you’re leaving the house every day with a bathroom light on or the porch lights still shining from the night before, you’re wasting far more energy than you need to. It’s an easy fix, too; take a quick run through the house every morning before you leave for work or school and flick off any switches you may have forgotten.

2. Think about switching your electricity supplier. Some suppliers offer packages that reward customers for using energy at off-peak hours. If a plan like that can help you save money, you’ll more than likely be motivated to reduce your typical energy consumption. When you shop through Texas Electric Companies, California, New York or any of the other high-usage states, you’ll notice how badly our country needs individuals to reel in their consumption. Lead the charge in your neighborhood!

3. Update your home. Older computers, refrigerators and even microwaves use quite a bit more energy than the current models. Make a point to buy newer products so you’re not using any more electricity than you need to be. Plus, it never hurts to have the latest and greatest in technology. You’ll be envied by conservationists and tech junkies just the same!

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Posted by admin On Jul - 2 - 2012

Everyone is concerned with finding the energy bandits in your home these days. With the rising prices of gas and electric utilities cutting corners is a popular topic. Where does a family being to cut utility costs and still maintain somewhat of a normal lifestyle?

The first way a family can cut buck off the electric bill is to turn off lights. It never fails, especially when there is a home full of children, to pull into the driveway and the (more…)

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Posted by admin On Jun - 30 - 2012

There are many different ways that you can reduce heating costs, and you don’t have to sacrifice being warm throughout the year. The first is to replace your current heating appliance with a more energy efficient option. This is going to cut down on your utility bills, and help conserve energy. Having a small portable energy efficient heater in a central area around the home is often enough to heat the entire space. These units (more…)

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Posted by admin On Jun - 29 - 2012

When you are trying to save money on your overall energy costs and it is the middle of the summer, you might be interested in using some at-home methods to cutting costs and saving on the bill each month.

If possible, utilize all of the ceiling fans in your home while you move room-to-room to help with giving yourself a bit of a breeze so you do not have to set your thermostat higher than 78 degrees Fahrenheit, which will keep the home and all of your rooms moderately warm and comfortable.

When you lower your thermostat by only one (more…)

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Posted by admin On Jun - 28 - 2012

High energy bills are unavoidable in certain situations. However, there will be many instances where those excessive energy bills are not necessary. The reason those bills are costly is due to problems with your window.

A window that is poorly insulated or is in a condition of disrepair will end up being a means in which energy escapes. Many windows do fall under such a condition of disrepair which is why they positively must be fixed. If they have are not fixed then both heat and cool air will be traveling out (more…)

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Posted by admin On Jun - 26 - 2012

Having an energy efficient home is very important if you are looking to save some money on your heating and cooling costs. You may want to consider installing new windows to prevent air leakage, even caulking your existing windows will be a great start to help keep the cold out in the winter and the warmth in. You might also want to make sure that there are no air leaks under your doors. By simply installing (more…)

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